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3 Simple Ways to Hear From God

In the Bible, God has spoken and is speaking. Because God is still speaking to His children today through His word, the question is, “Are you listening to where God is speaking?” Put bluntly, “Are you reading your Bible?”

If the answer is no, or not very consistently, please read on! Below you will find a simple 30 minute a day plan to begin hearing the voice of God through His Word.
In this plan you will hear from God in three different ways everyday, which include studying, reading, and memorizing (yes memorizing, but it will be easier than you think).

Why study, read, and memorize? Because by doing so, you will see the trees, the forest, and the individual leaves of God’s Word.

When you STUDY the Bible you are looking at the trees and trying to understand the meaning and application of a few verses of scripture. When you READ the Bible, you are not looking at the trees (meaning the details), but rather looking at the whole forest to gain an understanding of God’s big story that all scripture is telling. Lastly, when you MEMORIZE the Bible, you are beholding the leaves, meditating on details and hiding those truths in your heart.

The Plan. 

Part 1. Studying the Bible (10-15 minutes).

Tools needed: Bible, notebook, pen.

Step 1. Set a time. Earlier in the day is usually better because the things you do first most always get done. So carve out 15 minutes in the morning for study.

Step 2. Pick a book, and start at chapter 1, verse 1. Avoid the Holy Spirit guide my finger approach. Most books of the Bible were written to be read from beginning to end, so study each book that way. One way I would suggest to you, is to follow the Daily Readings at Hardin Baptist Church. Click here to sign up and get them emailed to you.

Step 3. Read from heading to heading. Start at the first chapter heading and stop at the next heading, then repeat each day. These sections will be short enough to study in 15 minutes and long enough to capture thought.

Step 4. Ask questions. 

  1.  Observation: What do these verses say?
  2.  Interpretation: What do these verses mean?
  3. Application: What should I do now?

Part 2. Reading the Bible (10-15 minutes).

Tools needed: Bible.

Step 1 – Set a time.

Step 2 – Pick a plan. I suggest the M’Cheyne One Year Reading Plan. This plan starts at the four beginnings in the bible (Genesis, Ezra, Matthew, Acts), and has one chapter from each day. You can find this plan on the YouVersion Bible App, or online here.

Step 3 – Read. Don’t worry about trying to retain all that you read, just read and let the Word of God speak to you. You will soon start seeing the big picture of God’s story unfolding before your eyes.

Part 3. Memorizing the Bible (5 minutes).

Tools Needed – Notecards, small notebook, phone, etc.

Step 1. Pick a great chapter or portion of scripture to memorize (Psalm 1, Psalm 23, Romans 6:21-26, etc).  Memorizing a chapter or portion will be easier than memorizing random verses and you will see the connections between each verse come to life as you memorize and meditate on them.

Step 2. Make note cards. Write all the verses down in a little booklet or on note cards so you can carry them around with you throughout the day.

Step 3. Try to memorize 3 verses a week. Depending on the length of your chapter, you should be able to memorize about a chapter each month.

Schedule for memorizing your verse. 

Monday – 

  • Verse 1 – Read 10 times, say 10 times.

Tuesday – 

  • Verse 1 – Read 10 times, say 10 times.

Wednesday – 

  • Verse 1 – Say 10 times.
  • Verse 2 – Read 10 times, say 10 times.

Thursday – 

  • Verse 1 – Say 10 times.
  • Verse 2 – Read 10 times, say 10 times.

Friday – 

  • Verse 1 – Say one time.
  • Verse 2 – Say 10 times.
  • Verse 3 – Read 10 times, say 10 times.

Saturday – Sunday (Same as Friday)

  • Verse 1 – Say one time.
  • Verse 2 – Say 10 times.
  • Verse 3 – Read 10 times, say 10 times.

Next week – 

  • Keep the same rhythm week after week. The idea is to add one verse every two days, while at the same time not losing the old ones. So each time you add a new verse, you will say the verse that came right before it 10 times, and all the other verses before it once. In a months time, you will have said that first verse over 60 times!

In the Bible, God has spoken and is speaking. Now you have a plan to start listening where God is speaking! If you are not reading the Bible at all right now, I suggest starting with part 1 (Studying the Bible) for the first 3 weeks. As this becomes a habit, add part 2 (Reading the Bible) into your daily routine. When that becomes a pattern, add part 3 (Memorizing the Bible).

Also, don’t worry if you fall off the wagon and miss a few days, just jump back on and start reading again.

The truth is, God loves to talk and He has things He wants to share with YOU! Will you let Him speak?