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Find your people

Adults Sermon-Driven Small Groups (Sign ups)

Find Your People (Connect)

Hardin Baptist offers three ways to connect and find your people. Sermon-Driven Small Groups, Sunday school, and Men and Women Discipleship groups

1. Sermon-Driven Small Groups (Sign up here)

Wednesday Night from 6:00-7:15pm. New Groups start September 8th, 2021. Sermon-driven small groups will meet 3-4 Wednesday’s a month to discuss Scripture, pray, and cultivate gospel community. Discussion leaders will guide the group in questions from Sunday’s sermon for further insight and application. One Wednesday each month, instead of discussing the sermon, small groups will participate in ministering to the local community of Hardin. On these nights groups may grill burgers for the community, share the gospel door-to-door, or repair a home for a local family, etc. We also offer Sermon-Driven Small Groups on Sunday mornings at 10:40am.

2. Sunday School

Class Time/Location Link
Old Testament Survey – Peyton Cadwell, Trevor Grant, Michael Williams 8:00am – Room M107
Grow our Faith – Joey Adair 8:00am- Room M111 Grow our Faith SS FB page
Living 3:16 – Wayne Rawls 915am – Room M104
Church History – Jackson Greer 9:15am – Room M106 HBC Church History Sunday School Class
Side By Side 1 – Tim Henson 9:15am – Room M107 Side By Side Sunday School Class
Know to Grow – Randy Taylor’s Class 9:15am – Room M112 Know to Grow
Stefan Hutchens’ Class 9:15am – Room M110
David Joseph’s Class 9:15am – Room M111 Extreme Makeover Sunday School Class
Growing Saints – Neal Cole 9:15am – Room 103
Joy Seniors – Rita Stutler & Karla Vail 9:15am – Room 105
Sermon-Driven Small Group (Travis Lucas) 9:15am – Room 108
Side By Side 2 – Tim Henson 10:40am – Room M111 Side By Side Sunday School Class
Sermon-Driven Small Group (Zach Schlemper, Levi Crossley) 10:40am – The HUB (M101)

Sunday School Map

3. Men & Women Discipleship Groups

These gendered groups meet for the purpose of discipleship. Click the links for more information about Hardin Men or Rooted Women.

Hardin Men
Rooted Women

New to Hardin?

If you are brand new to our church, please fill out our guest card so we can help you get connected to our church. We can’t wait to meet you!

1. Please fill out our Guest Card
2. Learn more about our Mission

Next Steps (Serve, Give, Go)

The gospel doesn’t end with us. We are committed to making disciples in our community and to the ends of the earth. We encourage you to connect with a serving team and find out more about our local and global mission opportunities. Explore baptism, membership and other next steps: