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Hardin Marriage

Hardin Marriage

Enjoying God’s Gift of Marriage

We want to help you create three rhythms to pursue your spouse and start enjoying your marriage.

  1. Communicate Daily (10 minutes)
  2. Pursue Weekly (2-4 hours)
  3. Escape Quarterly (8+ hours)


Communicate Daily Ideas: 

  • Morning coffee. 
  • After work checkin
  • While cooking dinner
  • At Bedtime 
  • Phone call or text conversation (busy week). 

Pursue Weekly Ideas:

  • Hike LBL
  • Go bowling 
  • Dinner out
  • Dinner in (cook together or order in). Eat after kids go to bed. 
  • Dessert in bed after kids are asleep 
  • Come home for lunch. 
  • Meet up at coffee shop 
  • Sunset walk
  • Play boardgames instead of TV
  • Movie night on the couch with popcorn and candy
  • Do a home project together 
  • Leave kids at home (if older) and go eat. 
  • Swap babysitting with friend couple and return favor 
  • Get lost on backroads listening to music 
  • Picnic at lake or park
  • Thrift store shopping or antiquing
  • Play mini-golf
  • S’mores at home 
  • Grocery shop together 
  • Workout together 
  • Put a puzzle together 
  • Make your own pizza 
  • Play tennis 

Escape Quarterly Ideas

  • Night away — Paducah, Nashville, Clarksville 
  • Day at home with no phones
  • Road trip to fun restaurant
  • Go to concert, sports event, play, etc. 
  • Outdoor adventure — hike, bike, canoe, tent camp. 

How’s Your Marriage?

We understand marriage is a journey and it’s possible for couples to experience both seasons of thriving and seasons of merely surviving. So whether you’re on the mountain top, feeling stuck, or in the valley of crises––we’re here to help with cultivation, coaching, and counseling.

Cultivation: Keeping a good thing going

From encouraging text or emails, to marriage events and couples retreats, we want to help you cultivate and enjoy your marriage through these three rhythms:

  1. Communicate Daily (10 minutes)
  2. Pursue Weekly (2-4 hours)
  3. Escape Quarterly (8+ hours)

To join our texting service text the word HardinMarriage (one word) to the number 94000 and hit send. We will send you weekly reminders and fun ideas to help you cultivate a great marriage.

Coaching: Learning to thrive

Sometimes you need a marriage coach to move from surviving to thriving. We wholeheartedly recommend coaching from Grace Marriage at Home if you feel stuck and not sure how to move forward. Click this link to get started!

Counseling: Caring through Crisis

Are you in crises mode and not sure if you can stay the course? Do you feel divorce is inevitable but you still believe God can restore? We have pastors and counselors who will explore deep rooted issues and by God’s grace help you restore your marriage. To inquire about counseling email or call (270) 437-4868.