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7 Things You Need To Know About Resurrection Sunday! 

1. Invite A Friend

Copy this message below and share it! Share it by texting, posting on social or any other way you can invite others to Resurrection Sunday! 

I want to invite you to join me at Hardin Baptist Church for Resurrection Sunday. Please watch this video and let me know if you can come!

2. Special GUEST Parking
We have special parking for guests this Sunday marked with colored flags. Tell your friends to park here (and make sure you don’t!)

3. Visitor Table 
Right outside the front doors, we have a visitor’s table set up to welcome your friends as they walk in and to help them figure out where to go! Our welcome team wearing orange lanyards will assist your friends too! 

4. Foyer

– As soon as you walk in we will have a big sign hanging up with directional arrows pointing to coffee and donuts, kids and youth classes, and the sanctuary to help people navigate.

– We have ordered extra coffee and donuts, so your invited friend won’t steal your donut!! 

5. Sanctuary

– During the 9:15, and 10:40 service, we will have extra seats in the sanctuary! We are expecting a lot of people so please make sure to move to the center of the aisle to help with seating.  

– There will be a variety of slides on the screen with information on the different ways you and your family can get connected at HBC! 

6. Welcome Team
Our welcome team will greet you and your friends at the front doors, visitor’s booth, and the green wall. They will have orange lanyards on with green badges that say “How can I help you?” Know that even if you are not wearing a Welcome Team badge you can still welcome people and help them find where they need to go! 

7. Sunday Schools
All Sunday school classes will be the same as usual unless you were told differently by your Sunday school teacher. 

We look forward to worshipping with everyone on Resurrection Sunday!