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Provided Through Prayer

With summer drawing to an end, my summer job was also. I had become very stressed about being able to make my car payment and ends meet, so I prayed. For a few days I continued to pray about my job uncertainty.

Then me and a friend went to eat in Murray at the Cookout, as I sat down to eat my meal a worker came out with and application and said, “Hi, I’m not sure why but my boss asked me to come give you an application?” So I said thank you and continued eating my meal. A few minutes later she came out and said, “Sorry to bother you again but she said if you would go ahead and fill it out she would get you in for an interview right now.”

So I completed the application and went back for the interview. She absolutely loved my personality and felt a need to have me on their staff and offered me a job immediately. I knew this was an act of God and I couldn’t be more grateful for how quickly and effectively He changed my life.