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This year HBC is partnering with The Gibbs Family and the rest of the Live Love Ministries team to help provide gifts for their Christmas event, Christmas In The Villages. 

Christmas in the Villages allows Live Love Ministries to connect with multiple communities across the reservation and opens the door for countless ministry opportunities, gospel conversations, bible studies, and salvation! 

There are 3 ways to support Live Love Ministries, Christmas In The Villages!


We as a church will be providing presents for the village of Covered Wells. 
To purchase a gift for the Village of Covered Wells, click the link below to view the Amazon Wish List with specific items that Live Love Ministries picked out. 

Christmas In The Village Wish List

Watch below for a step-by-step tutorial on how to purchase gifts For the village of covered wells!

Do not have an Amazon account or are still not sure how to order presents from Amazon? No worries, click the link below to donate, and we will purchase gifts for the Village of Covered Wells on your behalf!


If you choose to help in this way, you will be committing to buy presents for a specific child (or children). This year, each child will receive 3 presents. One present will be a clothing item that the child needs. The other two presents will be “fun” things that you can choose based on what they tell us their interests are. We will send you all the details.

To sponsor a child, email us (, message us on Facebook or Instagram, or call/text.

All presents must be delivered to us by November 29th, 2023. (Please don’t wait to mail them. We need at least a week to sort through everything.)

Learn more about Live Love Ministries and their Christmas in the Villages Now:

Live Love Ministries

This Christmas season you can reach the nations by purchasing presents for the village of Covered Wells and show your continued support of Live Love Ministries in Arizona!