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Partnering with parents to make disciples.

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Minivan Moments | Family Podcast

At Hardin Student Ministries we seek to glorify God by growing student disciples who make disciples. Here’s how we seek to do that.’

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Teaching the Gospel

For us it really is all about Jesus. Our desire is to lift Jesus up so students can see who He is and what He has done. Our main weekly teaching happens on Wednesday nights (Impact Service) at our downtown location where students experience large group worship and teaching, and then small group discussion and discipleship. Our teaching aims to be gospel-centered and Jesus focused. We really believe the Bible is exciting, Jesus is awesome, and His glory is what students desperately need to see.

In addition to Impact Service, we also teach the gospel through Sunday School and Strategic Events. Events, retreats, and mission trips happen seasonally and focus on key topics relating to knowing, living, or sharing the gospel. We try to have enough events for students to look forward to, while at the same time not taking over the entire family calendar.

Loving Students

We really do love students and want them to become fully committed followers of Jesus. On Wednesday nights, before and after Impact service, students meet with leaders in small groups for CARE, ENCOURAGEMENT, and ACCOUNTABILITY. In these small group settings students have adult volunteers who love them deeply and seek to point them towards Jesus. In these small group settings, students begin to see what gospel-community is like, and what it means to share life together.

Partnering with Parents


Download our free 10-page Parent’s Guide to Raising Godly Teenagers by clicking the image above.

Since we believe parents are vitally important, it is our desire to help assist parents in any way we can! With that said, we are intentionally a family friendly youth ministry.

We always welcome parents to spend time with us, serve as leaders, or volunteer at events. We also seek to equip parents to have spiritual conversations with their students through weekly discussion questions that correspond with our weekly teaching. We also provide various training throughout the year and meet with parents one-on-one for help and encouragement.

Watch this parenting video for more info.

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