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Hardin Men

Hardin Men

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At its cord, Hardin Men is about discipleship. Discipleship groups consist of approximately five guys who meet weekly to discuss Scripture, pray and push each other to follow Jesus. By design, these groups produce disciple-makers who leave the group after one year to start another group to disciple five more guys.

Each discipleship group will pray and seek the Lord’s direction to impact people with the gospel through ministry and mission. Groups will participate in gospel work in the community of Hardin, the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, and abroad in places like Nicaragua.

Discipleship groups provide men with mentoring opportunities. In these groups, young men or new believers can seek out one-on-one mentorship with older or more mature Christian men. Various events throughout the year will provide space to find and cultivate these relationships.

Discipleship Groups

Here’s the plan. 

Groups will study through Genesis together using the 9-Mark’s Bible Talk Podcast as a resource and guide. 

Weekly rhythm for each group member  

  1. Read through 3-5 chapters of Scripture each week. 
  2. Listen to the 40-minute Bible Talk Podcast for mind-blowing insights. 
  3. Meet with in group to discuss reading, pray, and encourage each other in ministry and mission. 

Why the Bible Talk Podcast? 

Bible talk is hands downs the best resource I’ve found for learning Biblical Theology. Jim Hamilton and Sam Emadi are world-renown scholars, and their insights into the OT will blow your mind. Each week they connect the dots of Scripture and show how the whole plotline is about Jesus and His kingdom. The podcast is a seminary education without going to class. Alex Dukes, the host, keeps things light and fun, so the content is assessable to everyone. It will both stretch and strengthen each group member in the Lord. 

When do groups meet? 

Groups meet once a week at various times and places throughout the week. Most groups meet before work for breakfast. Other groups meet at night, on the weekends, or on Zoom.


Each member commits to meet weekly for a full semester of group. Regular attendance in group is essential to each member’s spiritual growth.

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