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Jordan’s Orphans Update

The past few days have been an absolute blast as I have finally returned home. I think my greatest prayer right now is that the children are experiencing the same amount of love that I am! Only a God as good as the one we serve could bring me as much joy as I find here. Being surrounded by sweaty, dusty, gorgeous children while sitting in the grass and dirt is everything I remember it to be and maybe more. I am so thankful for every moment of peace and fun we have had so far.

Special moments from the past few days keep rushing back into my mind and refilling me with joy. My welcome back parade was definitely unparalleled. Seeing the smiles, laughter, and hope resonate within my kids was worth the 50 hours of travel. At one point, I was chatting with Robai, and she proudly told me that she could still recite the scripture we memorized together over a year ago. She went on to quote a few lines of Psalm 121, words that have comforted my heart since my own mom taught me them when I was about Robai’s age. It blows me away how Gods’ words are timeless and cherished by different ages, colors, and cultures. I saw His Word also make an impact as I nervously spoke during our first Bible study. My audience hardly peeped during the 20 minute talk, and loudly clapped at the end. I felt so overjoyed to see them soaking in Truth. At another time, little Stephen saw my phone and pointed out Kathryn in my screen cover out asking how she was by name! I was shocked he still remembered who she was, but he remembered the fun we had celebrating her birthday from afar last May. Accompanied by a few of his comrades, they broke out in an adorable chorus of “happy birthday to ‘Kat-er-een'” which brought many tears to my eyes. It is such a blessing to see how much those days meant to them as well!

Honestly, I had been slightly nervous during the past couple of weeks that my return trip would be disappointing or too different to enjoy. I loved my last stay so deeply it was hard to imagine that anything could compare. Although some things have changed, I am fully convinced God knew just how to design this trip in order to impress me with His goodness. For one, He sent Heather to accompany me on this journey. He knew I would need her humble and flexible personality as well as her magnetic ways with the children. Some of the kids can’t pronounce her name, so she is going by “Heaven” which I think it perfectly fitting because she has been such an angel to me. She has made the kids fall in love with her which has been an overall blessing to see.

God is so tangible here. His Glory and goodness are apparent in everything, from the landscape to the people. I am so thankful for this opportunity as He becomes even more of my rock and shelter, as I am experiencing His grace.


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