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New Sunday School Classes!

Old Testament Survey

Aaron Thompson

In order to rightly understand any story, we must correctly understand it’s beginning. No greater story has been told than the Bible’s, so it is crucial we seek to understand it’s beginning. Join our as we walk through the beginning of the Bible’s big story and lay the foundation for piecing it all together. Over the course of eight weeks, will attempt to cover Genesis to Nehemiah, gain a greater understanding of the big story, see how every part of God’s word is always relevant for God’s people.

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Church History II

Jackson Greer

Join us in church history 2 as we study crucial theologians and movements within the Protestant Reformation. From Luther’s bold stand to the battle for the British Isles, this class will spend 8 weeks covering: Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingli, John Calvin, and Thomas Cranmer. Come join us as we discuss the reasons for the split from Rome, and why the Reformers eventually divided too.

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