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Former College Students now in Ministry

Students that are in full time ministry

Campus Outreach Staff

  • Mike and Christy Turner = Dallas, TX
  • Mason and Cindy Leaf = Knoxville, TN
  • Clay and Leslie Fuson = Memphis, TN
  • Zach and Sam Shipley = Jonesboro, AK
  • Zack Katzman = Memphis, TN
  • Tim and Michelle Bundren = founded Campus Outreach in Jonesboro, AK

Student Mobilization

  • Joel Johnson = Manhattan, KS

Former Students that have come through our college ministry that are in full-time ministry church ministry

  • Blake and Devin Hodges = Pastor of Highview East in Louisville, KY
  • Robert and Ashlee Rosa = SBTS and now working for Blake at Highview East
  • Cody and Anna Farthing = SBTS
  • Logan Burchett = SEBTS
  • Ryan McVicar = Church Planter in Detroit, MI
  • Robert Cunningham = Senior Pastor at TCPA in Lexington, KY
  • Dylan and Jill Stinson = Covenant Seminary
  • Mark and Jessie Davis = RTS Seminary
  • Michael Blackston = Christian Counselor in Orlando, FL/Graduate at RTS 
  • Michael Hart = Graduate of RTS seminary/missions pastor Orlando, FL
  • Matt and Janna Woodfall = Matt is the family/missions pastor at Pleasant Valley
  • Jamus and Annie Edwards = Jamus is the senior pastor at Pleasant Valley in Owensboro (This is where Grace Marriage came from)
  • Jordan Young = Youth Ministry 2nd Presb. In Memphis, TN
  • Aaron Thompson = Missions/Youth Intern
  • Julia Curtis = Arizona
  • Kory and Janet Smith = Kory is head pastor of church in Indianapolis, IN
  • Melanie Duke =  Melanie‚Äôs husband is youth pastor of church in Brooklyn, NY/Leah Winder interned with this church last summer
  • Drew and Kara Lawrence = SEBTS

Students that are or have been overseas for an extended period of time (for at least 2 years) 

  • Zack and Courtney Newsome = Just got back from 2 years in Kenya and now Zack is going to be a youth pastor in Alabama
  • Kyle and Molly Jones = On their way to Indonesia
  • David and Adrien Vinson = Middle East
  • Daniel and Bethany Cecil = Brazil
  • Brett and Katt Barton = China
  • Jeremy Majors = China
  • Abagail Smith = China
  • Josh and Stacy Leigh Hutchens = Josh met Stacy while Stacy attended Hardin Baptist Church

Our Staff

  • Justin and Shelley Crowell
  • Nick Calhoon
  • Ellen Robinson
  • Kory Cunningham came to Christ and met Katie
  • Youth Interns
    • Addison Futrell
    • Chase and Kaitlyn Bright
  • Tyler and Ashlee Hardin
  • Chris and Brandy Lawrence