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How do I give online, watch live-stream, and connect to people?

How do I give online? 

Check out this 5 minute YouTube video we made to show you how to give online (it’s really easy) —

How do I watch the live stream? 

There are two places to watch our live stream Sunday service. 

Facebook live at 9:15 am. at 10:30 am. 

Here is a short video showing you how to do both —

How do I connect with people? 

For those of you in a class or group, your leader is working hard to build an online place (Facebook group, Zoom calls, GroupMe, Marco Polo, etc) for your class or group to interact on. If you don’t hear from your leader by the end of next week, please contact your leader. If you are not part of a smaller group of people at Hardin, fill this form out so we can help you find your people! 

If you have needs that come up please let us know! Call the church office at 270-437-4868 or email

Can’t wait to see you (online) Sunday!