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Tyler Hardin

In 2013, I stepped onto the campus to pursue a degree and baseball career.  Little did I know, God would use those pivotal years to bring me into a relationship with him, and reveal to me my God-given purpose of being a disciple maker.  My freshman year, through the college ministry of Hardin Baptist Church (Hardin, KY), a team mate on the baseball team, and a weekly Bible study that I was attending on campus, God showed me that I had a great need to repent and be forgiven of my sins through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. (Romans 6:23) In putting my faith in Christ for the first time, God began a journey in my life to know him more and make him known to others who were still lost and searching for forgiveness and their life purpose.  In those years, I saw God faithfully save other friends and peers of mine and took notice that what God was doing on the campus never stopped there, but was reaching the World through these same students as they graduated and were sent out on mission to Glorify God with their lives wherever they go.  Over the last few years, and as many as God calls us to, we (my beautiful wife Ashlee & our children Brady, Hayes, and Eden) are helping lead this ministry to fulfill the Great Commission and as our ministry name insists, raise up many Christ-like Laborers for the Harvest of the Lost World. (Matthew 9:35-38)