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We Helped Buy a Truck in Nicaragua

[The following letter is from the Director of Partners in Christ in Nicaragua. Their ministry truck was on its last leg, so we were able to use $5,000 of the VBS offering money to help them purchase a better one. This truck will be used to minister to local churches and pastors, as well as mission teams throughout the year.]

Dear Hardin Baptist Church Partners,

I’m writing because we at Partners In Christ Ministry (PIC) wish to express our most sincere appreciation for your church’s continued partnership with us, in service of our Lord, in Nicaragua.

In 2007, Hardin Baptist Church began a partnership with PIC that has since blessed many in Nicaragua beyond measure. Your church has sent numerous mission teams to Nicaragua and funded many worthy projects that have benefited literally thousands of the impoverished people in Nicaragua. Most importantly, countless numbers of students and adults have been taught the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ through your student mission teams.

But specifically today, I would like to express our gratitude for a recent gift, which made possible the purchase a very badly needed ministry truck in Nicaragua. We put out the call for help last month when the old truck we had been using for years was finally about to give up for good. Hardin Baptist, as always, answered the call for help in a huge way.


I’m happy and blessed to report that because of your special gift to the ministry in Nicaragua, we were able to purchase a very nice used Toyota truck that will serve the ministry there for many years to come.

The blessings poured out by your Hardin Baptist Church family have been an enormous blessing over the years to so many in Nicaragua and around this ministry.

Thank you so very much for being Partners In Christ with us in Nicaragua.

In Christ,

Garland Alford
Executive Director

[Bus Update: We are currently still searching for the right bus to purchase with the VBS mission money given, and plan to deliver the bus to the church in Nicaragua during our Pastor Conference in November.]