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Daily Prayer Guide for Our Brazil Team

As I am writing from my seat on our flight to Miami, we have just cleared the clouds that look like cotton balls. From my window seat, the moon is clearly visible to my right and I can see the rays of the sun glistening through the windows on the other side of the plane.  It’s amazing how the turbulence that was so noticeable below the clouds has dissipated into silk like smoothness above them. If not for the noise of the engine, I would think we were gliding through the air instead of flying.  (If only we could walk on top of our circumstances and troubles instead of underneath them.  God just reminded me that the sun is always shining even when the clouds seem to make us feel otherwise.)

I am headed to the Amazon River with nine others who, like me, believe that God has a plan for us.  I want to invite you to hold the rope of prayer for us this week. Today, pray that God unites us as one as we navigate the toil of rising at 2 AM to leave our homes knowing we will not be on the River until about 1 AM Monday morning.  It’s going to be a long day of air travel and airport waiting!  Pray all of our checked bags of materials arrive safely with us.

Our plans have already been changed as we discovered the Amazon water level is historically low and will not allow us to get to our intended village.  Pray for the small struggling church that requested our help.  Pray that God encourages them with another team as soon as the water starts to rise.

Please pray that as God guides us to another village(s) that we recognize His Hand of leadership.  Pray that we will be physically and spiritually rested and refreshed from our night’s rest on the Amor Beatriz, our home for the week.  Pray we are eagerly received by a village.  Pray that we locate a great place for our VBS, a place for us to construct our playground equipment for the kids of the village, and for opportunities to engage the folks we meet today.  Pray the villagers come to the evening service and are impacted for Christ’s sake.

Pray that our team members fully walk in the Spirit as we walk among the villagers and begin our first full day of ministry.  As you pray for us, please thank Him for the opportunity He has given our church to be a part of His work in the Amazon River region of Brazil.  Pray our team is sensitive to the need of replenishing our bodies with water and that God protects us from parasites and illnesses that often plague mission teams on this mighty river.

Pray for us as we miss our families and they miss us. Lift our families before our Father and maybe give them a call or text to let them know you are praying from them too. Pray that God opens our eyes and hearts to the true need(s) of the people we will meet today.  Pray they see us as Christians and not just rich Americans! And that they want ‘who’ we have and not just ‘what’ we have!  Pray folks see who we are and not just what we are doing. Pray as they get to know more of us, they get to know more of Him.  

Pray that God gives us favor with the people today. May the kids receive the message of our VBS more than the materials of our VBS. Pray for the Spirit’s discernment as we engage folks with the good news of the Gospel.  We are not here to count numbers, but we are here to count in people’s lives.  Pray we don’t mistakenly talk someone into a profession of faith without the true possession of faith.  Pray today for the true church in the village to be united together under the true preaching and teaching of His Word.

Pray that the villagers sense we were sent from God to them and they understand more fully His amazing love and grace toward them in Christ. Pray that our VBS team stays faithful to the Word today as we finish our last lesson. Pray that many people are receptive today to Christ taking up residence in their heart as Lord.  Pray that our construction team sees the fruit of their labor in people’s hearts and not just in wood. Pray for our hearts as we leave the village and head down river toward Manaus. Pray we can rest in the night as we travel.

Pray as our hearts turn home today that we will enjoy His presence and spend our last day seeing some of the amazing animals of the Amazon River and historical sights of the largest city on the Amazon, Manaus.  Pray that we redeem the time today as we will long to be home.  Pray that as we head to the airport tonight, we sense we were where God wanted us to be this week – on the bank of the Amazon River. Pray that each team member will never get over what God did in our lives this week.

Pray for on time flights!   Pray we arrive in Nashville around 12:30 as planned. And that we all arrive safely home to our families and church!

Thank you so much for holding the rope of prayer for us!  Only God knows what all He did this week with our church in the hearts of so many.

Because of Him, Ricky