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Hardin Baptist Bus Ministry

The Hardin Baptist Church Bus Ministry is something I hold dear to my heart. When I first moved to Hardin as a young child, I wanted to go to my first Vacation Bible School and I asked my mom if she would call every church around to see when they were having their VBS. I remember going to Hardin for theirs and wanted to keep going to church there. I loved it!  As a 7 year old girl, I always looked forward going to church each week as I waited axiously for the big blue van, also known as “Old Blue” back then and throughout my youth at Hardin.  I rode it to church every time the doors were opened. There were only a very few times when they couldn’t come pick me up and I would just sit and cry. It was a huge part of my young life that meant so much.

As I look back, (30 years later, WOW!) I’m so thankful for this ministry because without it, I wouldn’t have had the blessing of hearing God’s word taught to me week after week. It brings a smile to my face seeing how much the Bus Ministry has grown over the years! I see kids of all ages getting on and off the bus for our Meal Ministry every week and I know that that’s one day of the week they look forward to as I did. They feel loved, accepted, and get to learn about our awesome God! I know one day they too, will know how huge the impact of our Bus Ministry and the leaders who showed God’s love to them meant! I take that blessing and continue to share God’s love with the 3 & 4 year old’s on Wednesday nights. I can only pray that some of our ministry kids will one day want to do the same as they become leaders in our church.