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Operation Christmas Child 2015

Working on the farm is a lot of planting seeds and helping them to grow.  Helping here on First Fruits Farm, I get to experience this often watching little ones come and go on Sunday mornings.  Only for the first time while writing this post, did I realize my owns seeds. I have two blonde haired, blue eyed, sweet seeds.

Our family has been filling shoe boxes since Brie was born.  Back then, I chose the child’s gender and age group and all items included in the box. Now Brie and Bailee each choose their own.  They both think very deeply about the child and age and choosing the items to fill their boxes. If asked, they always have special reasoning in their selection.  It’s a meaningful process for them that excites them more and more every year.

Thinking about this is when I realized the discipleship of my own two seeds.  My two seeds are now planting their own seeds.  I don’t think they can truly understand the worth of this seed….but maybe they can.  Maybe it’s easier for them to understand the significance of this filled box being less influenced by the world.  Maybe they understand the warmth and comfort of knowing God’s love.  Maybe they understand the simplicity of Jesus just because He is Jesus.  Maybe they understand the connection of knowing another kid somewhere else likes the same thing they like.  Maybe being kids, they just understand the importance of that one special comfort toy.

As we begin packing our boxes, we will fill ours with all the hand-picked toys that will fit and lots of love to help the newly planted seeds grow.  Just make sure to enjoy watching your own seedlings share in spreading the good news.

“A small shoebox can have a big impact.  What goes into the box is fun, but what comes out of it is eternal” (Operation Christmas Child 2015).