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How I use RightNow Media to Make Disciples

First off, I want to say thank you to the many people at Hardin Baptist who have impacted my walk with the Lord.  I was so fortunate to call Hardin Baptist Church home for the 4 years I spent as a Murray State University student.  During these years, I was able to see the Lord work directly in my life, through a variety of people and ministries at HBC.  From Chris Lawrence’s Sunday School class and discipleship, to the times Randy Taylor would encourage me to continue sharing Christ with my Murray State Football teammates, and all the way to teaching the middle schoolers in Sunday School and Wednesday night Impact, my life and relationship with the Lord has been impacted so greatly by the Lord working through Hardin Baptist Church.

Now a year removed from MSU, and a current Physical Therapy student at UK, HBC continues to have an indirect impact not only on my walk with the Lord, but also in the expansion of the gospel.  Through the Right Now Media website and app that HBC so generously offers, I have been able to share Christ with the majority of my Physical Therapy Class at the University of Kentucky.  Starting last fall, I began leading a weekly class Bible Study through the book of James.  Within the Right Now website, there is a Francis Chan teaching series that goes verse by verse through the book of James, and this has guided our study.  Through God’s provision, we have had multiple studies where nearly half of the class has come and heard the gospel through the book of James.  One student in particular, who was raised Catholic, came after mentioning that he had never before been to a Bible Study.  Had it not been for this teaching series provided through Right Now media, I’m not entirely sure that he would have attended.  So thank you, Hardin Baptist, for providing this awesome service!

I want to end by encouraging everyone to make use of this awesome website! I remember when Bro. Kory introduced Right Now Media to the church body during the announcements before a sermon a couple years ago.  He called it the “Netflix of Christian media,” and he couldn’t have been more right! There are countless videos, books, Bible studies, and other resources that are right there to be used by you! So whether it be for your own personal spiritual growth, or for use in leading a Bible study with those you are trying to reach with the gospel, I have two final words of encouragement for you.  USE IT!!! Don’t let this incredible resource slip through your fingers.

Get your free subscription to RightNow Media here: You can also send this link to all of your friends so they can enjoy as well.