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Wednesday | Resurrection Devotion





Adult Devotion | Watch or Read

Have you ever noticed when leaders die, their followers usually make a shrine over their tombs so people can visit and pay homage to their bones? This is true for Muhammad. Many of his followers travel to Mecca each year to visit the place where his bones rest.

When I visited Rome a few years ago, every church or religious site we visited had to do with some important person’s bones. In some places, entire churches were built over the tombs of apostles or other church leaders.

But have you ever went walking around Jerusalem looking Jesus’ shrine? That place where his bones are buried and you can pay homage to the deceased prophet? Of course, you haven’t, because such a place doesn’t exist. But how could this be? I mean if Jesus is one of the most famous religious leaders ever to live, why didn’t His followers set up a shrine in honor of his memory?

Well of course, the reason is obvious. There is no shrine because there are no bones. Therefore, the absence of a shrine points strongly to the reality of the resurrection. After all, shrines are for dead bodies and dead prophets, and neither describe Jesus.

Wednesday Prayer: Pray through John 17:1-26

Family Devotion

Think about the family devotion about Palm Sunday.  Do you remember why Jesus and his disciples came to Jerusalem? They came to celebrate the Passover.  Tomorrow we will look at what Jesus did during this special Passover, but today we will learn what Passover is and why it was celebrated.  Check out this link:

Family Activity